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Branding, Packaging and Website Ette + Harr is a men’s fashion accessory start-up which aims to supply to the aspirational and high-end market. ‘Individuality and bravado’ is the essence of Ette + Harr but functionality and versatility are also core principles. The designs of the products feature abstract and asymmetrical designs that produce visually different effects depending on how they are folded or applied.

To visually express these principles we first created the brand mark, which uses a rigid grid system to create a seal that alludes to the character of Ette + Harr’s products. The visual forms of right-angles, squares and triangles were explored and this later led to the primary choice of typeface, Lovato, which is used for the brand identity.

Full brand guidelines were established, from which we proceeded to create a full packaging kit complete with branded tissue paper, foil blocked sealing stickers, promotional leaflets, ribbon and corrugated ‘outer’ packaging for protection in transit. The volume of the full transit packs was designed to be thin enough to fit through a letter box.

A full e-commerce website was also developed, which sold the pocket squares and scarves exclusively.

Design: Em Angel and Chris Thomas
Design Direction: Antoine Gandy
Copywriting: Emmet Carmody
Marketing: Laura Messetter
Web Development: Vijay Makwana and Stewart Orr
Photography: David Woolfall

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Ette + Harr Brandmark
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