Kadect Flyers


Flyer and Logo Kadect specialises in the treatment of children with hearing disabilities in Kashmir and the Gambia. With money raised over the years, two specialised schools have been built, treatment has been provided, and hope has been given to many hundreds of children. It is important to keep income flowing through the charity to maintain the buildings, wages and transportation systems that so many people depend on. I was asked to create a logo and promotional leaflet to raise awareness of the cause.

The design needed to be clear in order for the charity’s mission statements to be effectively communicated. I expressed this graphically with a basic colour scheme of white, black and green, paired with a simple typeface.

The logo features an illustrative isotype of an ear—so that the focus of the charity is immediately apparent—with tightly kerned lettering to represent unity and community spirit.

Design and Visualisation: Chris Thomas

Kadect Flyers
Kadect Logo