L'Oréal Paris Gondola End Packaging

L’Oréal Paris

Infallible Sculpt Gondola End This was a bespoke display unit designed specifically to promote the new Infallible Sculpt product. As we had free rein over the structure, we angled the shelves in reference to the tessellating pattern on the product’s packaging. This pattern became an underlying theme of the unit, and, when put together with the dramatic yellow and black colour scheme, created a distinctive and engrossing unit.

This project allowed me to use more complex cutter guides, and to work with a dedicated Computer-Aided Design (CAD) department to ensure that the structure and graphics worked together in harmony. Collaborating with other specialists broadened my understanding of how cardboard engineering works, and I learnt new techniques using card alone, accomplishing results that I previously didn’t know were possible.

Artwork: Chris Thomas and Craig Greenwood
Visualisation: Tim Sheppard
Project Management: Matt Burford and Adrian Barrow

L'Oréal Paris Gondola End Pattern
L'Oréal Paris Gondola End
L'Oréal Paris Scamp