Pattern Idea 1


Self-Directed Project (Ongoing) Inspired by Islamic geometric patterns and the work of William Morris, I prompted myself to explore the art of pattern design in order to develop my illustration and craft abilities, and to provide a healthy distraction from my usual practice of commercial work.

As is common in Zellige tiles, I designed compositions in sections, to a 100mm² size, that would then be tessellated to make the full motif. Using an accurate grid system with incremental rotations was necessary for the tessellation to work correctly. Concentrating on a small section of a design often gave unexpected, yet exciting, results once tiled.

With printing in mind, I considered the complexity of the illustrations and colour palettes. I reduced the number of colours to just two or three in the examples shown (with the third or forth colour, respectively, being determined by the material).

In the future I hope to screenprint these designs as a one or two-colour job onto ceramic tiles. The patterns could also be applied to fabrics to act as a raw material for clothing, ornamental or homeware goods.

Design and Illustration: Chris Thomas

Pattern Idea 2