Philips Avent Toddler Drinking Cups

Philips Avent

Packaging With Philips Avent’s extensive collection of mother and child care products being so varied in nature, a diverse method of packaging was required to accommodate it all. Consequently, working with Philips Avent allowed me to deal with many forms of cartons, clamp shells, blister packs and header cards. Exposure to all these mediums hugely enhanced my packaging skills.

I was fortunate enough to work on a refresh of the whole packaging range, with this becoming my first involvement in a large-scale project. The master creative was set out by Philips’ in-house design team, with whom we worked closely to ensure their brand architecture was practical and flexible enough to be applied across all products.

Another responsibility of ours was to roll out artwork based on the creation of master packs, orientating them to different markets, languages and cultures. With these considerations in mind, we had to be cautious of regional packaging legislation in order to keep all communications compliant.

To make sure the Philips brand maintained its reputation, a service called Brand Desk was set up for Philips’ suppliers to validate their work for brand compliancy. Operating as a brand guardian through Brand Desk gave me a greater understanding of the brand and subliminally improved the design work I did for Philips.

Design: Chris Thomas, Denise Llanera and Laura Wong
Design Direction: Antoine Gandy
Freelance Support: Pauline Samman and Chris Fennell
Artwork: Aaron Acutt, James Mathers and Rebecca Koss
Retouching and Visualisation: Andy O’Brien
Project Management: Doreen Werner

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Philips Avent Anti-Colic Bottles Artwork Philips Avent Anti-Colic Bottles Line Up Philips Avent Glass Bottles Artwork Philips Avent Glass Bottles Line Up