Teva Rx packaging artwork

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Project summary

To help harmonise Teva’s complex portfolio of products, a brand architecture system was developed as a tool to visualise different levels of Teva endorsement. Products in the Rx segment have the strongest connection to, and dependence on, the corporate brand, and the design was optimised to enhance differentiation between products.

We worked out a design system that was flexible, but which also created a consistent look and feel across packs no matter what the format of the product. The harmonized product portfolio ensures packs are easy to navigate for both patients and pharmacists.

Teva Rx Quinapril 20mg
Teva Rx packaging artwork
Teva Rx Quinapril 40mg
Teva Rx design system
Teva Rx Omeprazole 10mg
Teva Rx icons
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Agency: Conran Design Group

Year: 2020

Tasks: Creating brand assets to work alongside the packaging guidelines; testing brand assets to ensure the rules stated in the guidelines were robust; running print tests to ensure that digital assets printed correctly; creating product illustrations and retouched imagery; giving technical advice and consultation; creating print-ready artwork templates to be rolled out by regional markets; acting as a brand guardian and reviewing work from third-party agencies.

Deliverables: Brand asset library, print-ready artwork templates, front of pack visuals and packaging guidelines.

Work was created using Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Maxon Cinema 4D and OTOY OctaneRender.