Cow & Gate packaging artwork

Cow & Gate younger pack line-up

Project summary

My involvement with this project was to create full print-ready pack layouts based on approved front of pack concepts. This involved typesetting all product information, ingredients and nutritional tables. I also retouched all imagery and checked the technical set-up of the files to ensure the artwork was suitable for printing. Front of pack visuals were also created to be used on print advertising and websites.

Cow & Gate older pack line-up
Cow & Gate artwork
Cow & Gate key visuals
Cow & Gate website
Cow & Gate logos
Cow & Gate specialist pack line-up

Agency: Conran Design Group

Year: 2019

Tasks: Taking front of pack design concepts and creating full print-ready artwork layouts; rolling out chosen design routes to different packaging formats; image retouching and creating front of pack visuals.

Deliverables: Artworked logo set, print-ready artwork templates and retouched image library.

Work was created using Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Maxon Cinema 4D and OTOY OctaneRender.